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Make sure this account has posts available on instagram. Our astrology services are unique and unlike any other in the world, as they are done through the 5D higher consciousness perspective.

Starseed Astrology with Lavandar

We apply our 5D knowledge and understanding of the current energetics into all reports and sessions. Our journey into achieving divine vibration has allowed us to access unity consciousness, which no one else on the planet has done. Here are our list of Astrology Services:. Welcome What Are Angel Numbers? Starseed Hybrids Center in between 4Dand 5D and feel the new water grids…. All Fake Aquarians along with all astrological fakers are…being washed out to sea…as all astrological signs align to soul frequency, vibration, and rhythm, as all portal align to the 6D earth…we overshot folkS hehehehe.

Intuitives-See the New grids with your QEyes…. Everybody else- pray your ass off. In Light and Love and Joyful Service. Visit our fundraising link below: Support Mother Earth! You may send an email to michaelsilver lovehaswon. Intuitive Astrology: Cancer Season Jun 17, I have my chart all mapped out, but I don't see anything about the degrees.

I am currently researching how to read the chart, but any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Starseed Markings in your Birth Chart | The Starseeds Compass

Thank you for the information on your website!! I appreciate it! Is it quite certain that ALL starseeds have these degrees in their charts or is it that all starseeds you've encountered hold these? Do people that aren't starseeds have these as well? And now, we have some analytical means of seeing how this could be some measure of truth.

I just think we have much more "peculiar" and consistent alignments with certain systems perhaps?

Sirius, pleadies, etc. But the starseed codes not only indicate alignment, but also are used for timing windows and communications. It's all about frequency. Some software doesn't display degrees graphically. All starseed have these markings as part of a Divine Plan, so yes, all whom I've encountered have them, and if you've read about their discovery on my site, as well as the Grand Design article, you'll see why. There are people, born at the same moment and place as starseed, who will have the markings, but not the genetics or soul records to back them up.

Those "earthlings" won't hear the call, or instinctively gravitate to "their own kind". However, it's possible that if they did have the genetics, but not the soul, they may have agreed to be a vessel for assistance in some way, perhaps as a temporary host. But I'd venture to say that earthlings who just happened to be born with those placements would not be joining a forum like this, searching for their families and purpose. All starseeds, which include Indigos, will have these frequencies on planets or houses, which matches the soul and DNA.

It's like having an "Emergency Broadcast System" embedded in your energy field. The "High Command" would not send "soldiers" into the field without a radio, and these are 3 of the frequencies they use for timing and communications. Like, can some people be more starseed then others? For example, I have only one planet that I'm aware of at 25 degrees in Taurus But that's my only planet out there, so does that lesson the effect at all? Does that make me look like a starseed? I know people with 12 markings who have gone deaf to their mission.

The 25,26,27 galactic marks are only three of the seven star markings. Think of it this way: some starseeds are specialists in one area, and may only have a few marks to indicate and activate this. Others may be more varied in their experience, as to be able to "multi-task", and would have more marks to reflect and activate this.

Look at the famous starseed page we have Famous Starseeds , and notice that some of the most famous starseeds only have a few marks, and yet others, like Elvis and Johnny Depp have more than Einstein and Galileo. They're all starseeds, just with different missions. So the only "effect" of more or less markings would be how others see you and how many things you could be useful for, and of course, that's not as important as what you do and accomplish with your life. Your DNA must align with your marks in order to be starseed, but even those without the DNA, yet have the marks, may be "drafted" for a particular purpose because they had the frequency available in their blood crystals.

Starseed Self Activation - Activate and Awaken Your Starseed Genome, DNA, Codes, and Downloads

If you looked at the charts of your parents, grandparents, and family, and they have the marks, it's a good indicator that the DNA is in your family. You would resonate to other starseeds, and feel the need to serve the planet. The Mark of the Pleiades is at 25,26,27 degrees of Taurus and Scorpio, and it's a very strong marking, considering the depth of Pleiadean activity on this planet.

You can read more about star markings at: Star Markings Love, Arielle. I believe there is a program called Halloran for free, just google it.

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The term "Starseed" was first used by a channel named Lavandar in the 70s. It was a more accurate, descriptive adaption of the term Star People, first used by Brad Steiger sometime around It encompasses all those with extraterrestrial connections. Don't want to swamp you with requesting to check my chart or anything.

I just wanted to say thank you for all of the input you've offered to others on this topic!! You've given some really good jumping off points that I will use to explore my own chart and starseed roots. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us!! Peace and tater tots. What exactly is this Starseed phenomenon? I resonate with this but I don't know why.

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Could someone please explain it to me? Thank you. We came here for a purpose. Some of us came way back in the beginning, and others have only come fairly recently due to the emergency situation that was going on during the last century. Our souls were seeded from other stars, hence we are called Starseeds. We are the Lost Ones From a Time Before Time From an age when Heaven Walked the Earth in company of Bright Angels We have survived the first war between the powers of the gods and have seen the wrath of the Ancients Dark Angels vent upon the Earth And Tiamat has promised us nevermore to attack with water or with wind but the gods are forgetful.

That last part is from a ritual scroll known as the Magan text, after the land of Magan near ancient Sumer. So i set down to do me my familys charts three 27's my partner has two 27's and one 25', my eldest son has a 25 in venus, 26 in leo, 26 in aquarius. Do the angles 24 and 28 count? As for the starseed question of am I one, well I don't like to use the label I have nothing against others using it , but have felt for a long time that I have lived "elsewhere", and that would also make sense being an old soul as in have incarnated many times for a long time and having past life's in Atlantis and I feel Egypt, Lemuria - perhaps, I did have a dream with me in it, that when I read later on Lemuria, and what it was written to be like, it matched the dream and the events that were in it.

Well, it's interesting about the starseed codes, and I'm not sure how much truth is in what has been written about it and in the info on the website , and I'm going to have a read of the website. I do personally feel that there are codes and on DNA activation I was never sure what, but I also know it has to do with some sort of combination.

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It really does make sense! The first part of my dream was interprted to mean that I don't belong here, so that also makes sense! One day I woke up with my own named carved in my arm. I felt as if whoevr had done it didn't want me to forget who I was on Earth.

Or like they wanted me to forget who I was from wherever I might have come from It all makes sense!!! At their potlucks they are playing music of the spheres and grounding in the energy. It's a trip around the planet that's for sure! It's interesting how we all harmonize together! I am 17 years old and I'm not sure if I'm an indigo or not.