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Libra Horoscope

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Don't promise anything till you are sure you can deliver it. Nothing is impossible as long as there's a will to overcome it.

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People around you might do something that will make your life-partner fall for you again. Tomorrow's Tarot card for Libra, Six of Wands.

Older people will find themselves meditating this week. Youngsters will sail through the week with the help of an exercise regimen. Going for a routine health-check up is advised this week.

Libra Tomorrow

Those of you who had been suffering from minor ailments will recover completely and feel free from all the tension that you have been feeling of late. Your optimistic outlook will ensure that you remain healthy throughout the week. You begin this month with a degree of mental tension, which is completely natural for an air sign such as yourself. You are a cerebral creature and live in your mind. On the 17th, as the sun moves into Libra, you may lack in self-confidence and struggle to concentrate.

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  5. You should seek advice from your elders and put your energy into the environment and travel. Broadening your horizons and finding a passion and purpose will help to heal you. With Mercury in Libra, you may struggle with follow-through. You may clear debts. On the 23rd, as Mercury moves into Scorpio, you will receive plenty of opportunities in all areas, leaving you free to pursue what calls to you. Remember, if you aim high, you can play among the stars. With Mars in Virgo, you should be sensible about money, regardless of whether you are doing well financially or not.

    Your romantic relationship will require you to be strong. The problems are not as bad as they seem and you will see love blossom again when these problems subside. You will feel much peace and stability with each other and will be happy with the state of your relationship.

    Libra Horoscope Tomorrow -

    Those of you who are in search of love, will have to divert their attention somewhere else, as the time is not very good for such an eventuality as of now. Mid month, there are chances that you may try to force your opinions and decisions on your beloved. Avoid getting into this mess; it will only create unhappiness. Those of you in love, try to give space to the other person, after all, love is all about trust. Imposing opinions or dictating terms will only spoil it. It will be better if you are fair and honest in your relationship because that will give both of you enough freedom to grow as individuals.

    Around the month end, you are likely to face tests of love. Some of you may also have to bear separation from your beloved for a while.

    Yearly Horoscope 2020

    For some of you, there could be trouble in paradise. But the heartening news for you is that you are likely to come out a winner. So keep heart, all will be well. Your success depends on the cooperation that you receive from your colleagues. Working in close harmony with them will bring about the desired results. Alongside this, you need to plan your career carefully and make some strategies to pave the way for success. You may have to face some problems at your workplace sometime in the middle of the second week.

    Just remember not to oppose certain new ideas that may float around; doing this may just hamper your own progress. In fact, being receptive to these new ideas will help you find a solution to all your problems and also enhance your career prospects. Those of you who are engaged in import, exports and other trading businesses, may receive good business proposals that would boost your business.

    Libra Love and Sex

    Be cautious and work with full dedication at your workplace as your performance is under observation. Even though you certainly have a soft spot for certain ideas or people, you need to be as objective and professional as possible.

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    Take full advantage of your innovative mind and put forward some new ideas that will help in expanding the work of the company and bring gains to your organisation. Make these testing times a blessing in disguise for you.